Tomato and crayfish tail salad


Serving 4 people

100 gr. of cherry tomatoes
100 gr. of young lettuce
80 gr. of Parmesan cheese in flakes
12 crayfish tails (cleaned and blanched)
2 big tomatoes
2 hard-boiled yolks
1 salted anchovy
80 gr. of extravergine
oillemon, salt, fresh basil leaves


Wash, slice all the tomatoes and arrange them in the serving plate together with the young lettuce and the Parmesan cheese flakes.
On top of that lay the crayfish tail forming rays .
Now mix the hard-boiled yolks with the anchovy, the lemon juice, a pinch of salt and the extravergine oil.
You will get an emulsified sauce for salad seasoning.
Decorate with the fresh basil leaves.

Marco’s secret

“Add a nice touch of colour and taste,serving the final dish with some fresh mint leaves,seasoning with red paprika.”

Suggested Wine

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