Lamb cutlet cooked on a slab with broad bean sauce


serving 4 people

1 Kg of lamb cutlets
100 g of fresh broad beans dipped in boiling water and peeled
scallion, fresh chilli pepper to taste
2 spoonfuls of cognac
2 spoonfuls of grated Pecorino sweet goat’s cheese
sage, thyme, fresh oregano :all minced up
fresh young lettuce
4 spoonfuls of extra-vergin olive oil
salt and pepper as needed


Cover the cutlets with very little oil, salt, pepper and plenty of minced aromatic herbs.
Grill them gently.
In a pan sautée the broad beans together with the minced scallion, the fresh seedless chilli pepper and the salt.
Pour some cognac over the compound and whisk everything after adding three spoonfuls of uncooked oil, the chilli pepper and four spoonfuls of cold water.
Serve the cutlets hot after laying them over the fresh young lettuce and the broad bean sauce.

Marco’s secret

“…To obtain excellent cutlets, they must be 1.5 or 2 cm thick, so that when you cook them, they can be easily browned outside while remaining rosy and juicy inside.”

Suggested Wine

Langhe Nebbiolo San Giacomo 2021