Fettuccine (ribbon-shaped pasta) in smoked bacon sauce, chestnuts and Jerusalem artichokes


serving 6 people

150 g of smoked bacon
150 g of boiled and peeled chestnuts
150 g of washed roots of Jerusalem artichokes (Heliantus tuberosus)
1/2 l of vegetable broth
1 a thick slice of lard
1/2 an onion
1/2 a leek
1 garlic clover
3 laurel leaves
salt, pepper, minced parsley, extra virgin olive oil as needed.


Mince the onion, the garlic, the leek and simmer all in a low pan together with oil, the lard slice and the laurel.
When it all starts to get brown, take the lard and the laurel away and add the bacon.
Brown it for two minutes, then add the sliced Jerusalem artichoke roots and the broken chestnuts.
Gently pour the vegetable broth over them and let all simmer for 10 minutes.
Then add salt, pepper and minced parsley.
Cook and strain the “fettuccine”, mix it in the pan with the sauce you have prepared.
Dip (Sautée)all in boiling-hot extra-virgin olive oil for a few seconds and serve immediately.

Marco’s secret

“…This sauce may also be used for an excellent risotto cooked in liquefied butter and sweet goat cheese.”

Suggested Wine

Langhe Nebbiolo San Giacomo 2023