Coffee cream with biscuits


Serving 6 people

1 litre of milk
6 cups of coffee
2 coffee spoonfuls of instant barley
1 coffee spoonful of ground coffee
300 g of sugar
7 eggs
180 g of Savoy biscuits
80 g of flour
2 bags of vanillin
125 g of mascarpone (Italian soft cheese)
250 g of whipped cream
a bit of liqueur to your taste.


Heat the milk.
Beat 6 yolks and a whole egg together with sugar.
Add the sifted flour and keep on beating.
Add the boiling hot milk stirring slowly and let everything boil on a low fire for 2 minutes only.
Then, add the barley coffee, a spoonful of ground coffee, the vanillin and a bit of liqueur to your taste.
When the cream is cool, add the mascarpone and the whipped cream. Amalgamate everything well and finally add the bits of Savoy biscuits.
Leave the cream in the fridge for 2 hours before serving.

Marco’s secret

“…Serve the biscuit cream cold with hot toasted Langa hazel nuts.”

Suggested Wine

Moscato D’Asti 2023 Cristina Ascheri