Carnaroli Risotto with boletus and white truffles sauce


number of serving: 6

400 gr. of Carnaroli rice
200 gr. of fresh mushrooms
a spoonful of minced onion
a spoonful of minced parsley
2 slices of garlic
a spoonful of cream
a glass of white wine
a knob of butter
1 litre of veal stock
grated parmesan cheese and white truffles at will
extravergine oil, pepper and salt


Clean, wash and slice the mushrooms. Stew the onion with 2 spoonfuls of extravergine oil in a pan for 2 minutes. Add the rice, toast it and gently pour in a glass of white wine. Add the veal stock little by little. In the meantime, scald the mushrooms in parsley and garlic. Now put the truffles (previously washed) with extravergine oil, a spoonful of stock, a knob of butter, a spoonful of cream in a mixer and whisk all . When the rice is cooked, add the mushrooms after taking away the garlic. Fold in the grated cheese and the truffle cream.

Marco’s secret

“…to add a pinch of imagination, before serving the “risotto”, pour a thin layer of hot roast beef sauce over it.”

Suggested Wine