“Caponata” in sour and sweet sauce


number of serving: 6

30 crayfish tails
a melon
2 medium green tomatoes
3 basil leaves
a spoonful of minced parsley
a segment of lemon
some leaves of fresh mint
salt, pepper, extra vergine oil, apple vinegar


Boil for 2 minutes the crayfish tails in salted water where a segment of lemon has been added . While they cool, clean and dice the melon and the green tomatoes. Chop the crayfish pulp into dice and add it to the melon and the tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper, minced parsley and basil ; add apple vinegar and extra vergine oil. Decorate with fresh mint leaves and serve.

Marco’s secret

“…add a bit of Brut sparkling wine to the seasoning, halving the apple vinegar and also the salad will be particularly sparkling!”

Suggested Wine