Cake with Moscato wine Zabaglione


Serving 6-8 people

1/2 l of Moscato Wine
6 yolks
125g of sugar
1 glassful of Marsala wine
60g of flour
600ml of whipped cream
200g of Savoy biscuits
40g of sultana raisins
coffee and liquor to your taste
water as much as needed


Soften the raisins by leaving them in lukewarm water.
To make zabaglione, beat the yolks with the sugar for 2 minutes, add the flour and keep on whipping.
Pour the Moscato and the Marsala.
Cook the compound on a low fire until it boils and let it cool down in a fire resisting glass pan.
Now wet a pudding mould with cold water and line the inside with a film which you leave dangling over the edges.
Strain and squeeze the raisins and put them in the mould.
Pour a spoonful of zabaglione in the middle and spread it. Add a layer of halved Savoy biscuits, mix some coffee, liquor and water and pour the liquid over them.
Cover them with a layer of whipped cream and keep on alternating zabaglione, biscuits and cream layers until you get to the top and end with a Savoy biscuit base.
Cover all with the film outside the mould and put in the fridge for 6 hours.
Before serving the “zuccotto”, turn the mould over a serving dish and pull the film gently. The cake will look firm and finely decorated with all its layers.

Marco’s secret

“… you can serve the “zuccotto” with more oven heated Savoy biscuits after sprinkling them with Passito wine.”

Suggested Wine

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