Boned rabbit with chestnuts and bacon


Number of servings: 6

A whole boned rabbit, cut and opened as a book
300 gr. of peeled and boiled chestnuts
200 gr. of veal “salsiccia” paste (our local sausage)
200 gr. of bacon rashers
2 small scallions
2 little rosemary branches and 5 laurel leaves in a bundle
2 garlic cloves
1 stick of celery
2 glasses of white wine
pepper, salt, oil


Put the rabbit on the table and sprinkle it with a bit of pepper and salt. Spread the “salsiccia” paste over it and cover it evenly with the bacon rashers. Add the crushed chestnuts. Roll up the rabbit as a salami and tie it up with a string. Lay it in a pan with 2 spoonfuls of oil, scallion and minced garlic, the pieces of celery and the bundle of rosemary and laurel. Brown it on both sides, pour some white wine over it and cook it in oven at 180° for 45 minutes. Every now and then wet it with broth to avoid drying up. When ready, let the rabbit cool for 10 mins. ,then slice it and serve with its sauce(previously sieved).

Marco’s secret

“…before serving the rabbit, slice a black or white truffle over the sauce. This will make your dish more precious.”

Suggested Wine

Langhe Barbera 2022 Fontanelle