Boiled Veal in Aromatic Sauce


Number of servings: 4

800 grs of veal muscle
30 grs of handled butter
30 grs of flour
a carrot
a celery stalk
a little bunch of parsley
garlic, onion, laurel, cloves, cinnamon, paprika, whole pepper, ground pepper, salt as much as needed


Boil the meat pieces in three litres of salted water flavoured with garlic, onion, laurel, cloves, cinnamon, whole pepper.
After an hour and a half, take out the small veal pieces and filter the stock, then boil it until it gets down to 300 grams .
Melt a compound obtained with butter and flour into it, quickly stir the sauce so that it doesn?t form lumps.
Cook it for 4 minutes, season with ground pepper, parsley and serve it with the veal pieces.

Marco’s secret

“After the first cooking period (1.30 h), let the veal pieces rest in their stock for at least 10′, before continuing with the recipe and the meat pieces won’t be stringy.”

Suggested Wine

Barolo 2019 Pisapola