Aubergine “steaks”


serving 4 people

900g of aubergines
500g cherry tomatoes
150 g of soft part of bread
5 spoonfuls of Reggiano Parmesan Cheese
oregano, garlic, basil, flour,
chilli pepper, thyme, extra-vergin olive oil
salt, pepper as much as needed


Halve the aubergines and carve the pulp by making horizontal and vertical cuts.
Season them with oil, oregano and salt.
Then, lie them in a baking pan and cook at 200° for 25’.
Spoon the pulp out and, in a bowl, mix it up with the bits of soft fresh bread, 5 spoonfuls of grated Parmesan cheese, minced basil, and salt and pepper.
Make 16 small balls, squeeze them, flour them and fry them in oil.
Cut the little tomatoes into small pieces and sautée them with oil, salt, chilli pepper, thyme and minced garlic on a blazing flame Serve the “steak” with the tomato sauce you have prepared.

Marco’s secret

“…You can enhance the taste of the compound, by adding some shrimps boiled in water and vinegar and cut into small pieces. Also add some halved green olives.”

Suggested Wine

Langhe Bianco Montalupa 2019